Pascal Appreciation Post

(Fonte: ruinleon)

(Fonte: zwampert)

(Fonte: theelfdisease)

(Fonte: asseylum-hime)

I'm a monster. 

(Fonte: shinpakku)

In this beautiful cruel world, 
we merely keep on asking "why" we're alive and living... 
Ah, with this strength and this weakness, 
if we no longer possess any rationality, 
just what are we protecting?

(Fonte: ohmikasaa)

"dinner is ready"


(Fonte: officialfrenchtoast)

(Fonte: ethan)

They’re going on an adventure!

(Fonte: kogyaru)

(Fonte: phantomrei)

(Fonte: darkhexenmagick)

(Fonte: heliolisk)